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1. 27.5.1998 marks the 8th anniversary of general election held in
1990.Even though NLD won a landslide victory winning 82% of constituencies,
that people's desire was totally neglected until now by the military regime
without any logical reason. But the military regime continues to reign in
Burma though it is not a legal government elected by the people.
2. Harsh repressions such as harrassments, detentions, tortures,
imprisonments and killings conducted by the military regime on the people
have been increasing with time. Summary executions without proper trials
were done on the people, the elected representatives were arrested by
unlawful means, and the MPs were forced to resign and admit to sign the
agreements not to take part in any political activity. These inhuman acts
done on the NLD and people's representatives much respected by the people
means the same done to the people.
3. Burmese people are living in dire straits of tragic poverty.The living
standard of an ordinary citizen is very low and the commodities'prices are
The uncontrollable inflation rate, sky-rocketing commodities' prices,
unstable foreign exchange rate, and declining foreign exports are the
results of the current political crisis. People in all walks of life,
including even the government service men and military personnels, are
facing with insecure and unstable lives in Burma.
4. In social sector, one year elapsed since closing down of all
universities and it was the saddest thing for the future of the country.
Students were losing their rights for education and the education standard
was going down to the lowest status in the world. The health care system
can not provide the necessary medical treatments to the poor but to the
rich only who can afford it.
5. Those political, economic and social problems can not be resolved by
means of harrassments, repressive regimes and imprisonments on the
democracy loving people and the members of NLD.
6. In the current situation, political problems can only be resolved by
genuine dialogue as dialogue is the only means for getting a political
solution for a political problem. It is essential for the benefits of the
people and is the best means.
7. The principal demand of the people is the restoration with a quality
executive system, which is responsive and courageous enough to solve the
national problems. For SPDC military government there is no alternative
means other than to get into dialogue process with NLD for the interests of
the country.
8. In the bilateral dialogue, all the representatives from both sides
standing on the principles of mutual respect and honesty, should take part
without any pre-condition and only by doing so, the dialogue will be
9. 8 years has passed since 1990 general election and there is no
significant change and improvement in Burma situation. As no step has been
taken by the military to implement the results of the election, the term of
the parliament and the elected parliamentarians are still valid up to now.
The desire of the people for restoration with a true democratic government
elected by the majority of the people that can guarantee the basic human
rights, had already be bestowed on the members of parliament in 1990.So we
believe that the people's representatives imbued with people's truthfulness
will keep on trying and fighting until the democratic cause can be achieved
by any means with unwavering perseverance, diligence and sacrifices.

Executive Committee
National League for Democracy(Liberated Area)Australia