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ABSDO statement on 8th annivesary o

8th anniversary of the National elections in Burma

Today mark the 8th anniversary of the national elections in which Burmese
people exercised their right to choose their own representatives through
democratic principle. The regime formerly known as Sate Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC)  had promised that the winner of the poll would
be able to run the country just before it started. Over 200 parties
registered including National League for democracy led by Daw Aung San Suu
kyi who won the Noble peace prize in 1991 during her house arrest
( 1989 -1995) . Much to surprise of many and despite the tremendous
repression and intimidation the NLD won 82 % of the seats in a landslide

However the regime refused to keep its own promise. Many leaders and
activists from NLD have been jailed for involving in political activities.
In 1993 so-called National Convention which consist of handpicked
participants by the regime have been launched to draw a new constitution.
The state dictatorship have attempted to legitimize their repressive system
of constitutional dictatorship through the ' National Convention" which
democratic organizations and parties are boycotting.

We believe that a peaceful political settlement of the country will achieve
through dialogue between Daw Aung Suu Kyi representing the Burmese people as
a whole and the military regime. It is also our concern that all the process
of the sham convention must be abolished prior to the dialogue in order to
guarantee a direct result for democracy.

The economic crisis hitting the region is being strongly felt in Burma and
the SPDC regime is not able to handle the current economic instability.
Skyrocketing prices of basic food and 40% inflation are some of the most
serious trouble Burmese people are facing today. All forms of freedom to the
people are being ruthlessly denied.

The current arrest and crackdown on democracy activist indicates an
unwillingness of the dictatorship to consider any form of real change.
According to Amnesty International, Over 1000 political prisoners are in
various prisons and torture camp.
The use of forced labor includes hundreds of thousands of civilians,
children and political prisoners.

It is our conviction that transferring the power to the democratic leaders
will be the only means to seek ways solving the troubles of Burmese people.

We call for the Australian and international community to impose economic
sanctions against the military regime.

We demand the SPDC regime to enter dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

We demand the SPDC regime to release all political prisoners including
students leader Min Ko Naing.

Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Organization ( Australia)

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