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Portrait of An Exile Burmese by Lin (r)

In a message dated 98-05-29 09:01:57 EDT, you write:

<< ou said:
 	> Join the gang Ni Ni. All you have to do is Say "No" to the 
 	> regime and Say "Yes" to the freedom fighters. 
 	Hee Hee       ~ `
                        v       of course I will.
                                  By the way...  didn't I ;-)
 With metta and solidarity,
Ni Ni gal,
      That's all we need gal....YOur commitment and your talant of
writing...We ask nothing big....Of couse your solidarity is a plus.....Now,
You're da Gal....
       For the freedom of the country, every tiny electron is counted. Without
your contribution, the revolution will not be perfect.
       Very proud of ya......