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Portrait of An Exile Burmese by Lin (r)

Dear Burmese@xxxxxxx 

Who I don't know the name or identity of him/her/it.

I have claerly classified two groups at the first place in my posting.
These are as follow.
(1) Wind blowers
(2) Fishes which consists of first, second and third fishes.

Moreover, I said: CLEARLY the following note: Please read it again.
[NB: All the pro-democracy activists/freedom fighters of all ethnic groups
of Burma in and outside Burma, either dead or alive and imprisoned, can be
regarded as wind blowers.]***
You said:
	> We had bunch of 1st and 2nd fishes paid the prices for the 
	> freedom of the country. 

They are wind blowers according to my definition. I perceive them as
leader, heroes, heroines and martyrs. They are not fishes! Please do 
study the definition first.

You said:
	> Join the gang Ni Ni. All you have to do is Say "No" to the 
	> regime and Say "Yes" to the freedom fighters. 

	Hee Hee       ~ `
                       v       of course I will.
                                 By the way...  didn't I ;-)

With metta and solidarity,