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Portrait of An Exile Burmese by Lin (r)

In a message dated 98-05-28 07:53:26 EDT, you write:

<< I think, it doesn't matter either disclosing your name or not disclosing
 your name if you are a 'third fish'. May all Burmese people become the
 'third fish'.
 With metta and solidarity,
 NiNi >>
Ni Ni,
        I absolutely agree with your parable of "third fish" but I have to
disagree with your wish of all Burmese become third fish. You and I all know
that what the third fish is. The fish is waiting for the right timing to
escape. Patiently waiting for the right time of the events. Waiting for the
oppotunity tirelessly. We all know that kind of people in our life. We call it
        We got bunch of opportunist sitting and waiting in Burma and abroad.
We need no more oppotunists. SPDC loves oppotunists. Even though oppotunists
know they are screwed,  the fish keep on waiting for the moment to come. It
has been more than 50 years for the wait.
        We had bunch of 1st and 2nd fishes paid the prices for the freedom of
the country. What you are telling us is be an opportunist. Wait patiently.
Your time will come. Same thing SPDC is preaching in Burma. Be lazy, do
nothing political. We will feed you forever ;as long as you suck up to me. 
         Ni Ni; Those days are overed. YOu should be ashame of yourself to
take an oppotunity of the students, activists, minority groups and your fellow
ordinary citizens who are fighting and struggling for the freedom. You only
want the freedom, when it is served to you on the plate by the blood of
freedom fighters. 
         Your contribution is always appreciated for the freedom. You do not
have to be in front line to do the job. You may keep your low profile and
still can be actived effectively.
         Join the gang Ni Ni. All you have to do is Say "No" to the regime and
Say "Yes" to the freedom fighters.