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Portrait of An Exile Burmese by Lin (r)

Dear all readers, fighters, watchers, observers,...., one and ALL,

Let me just jump into this discussion, for I see the need of it.

Writer A wrote: 
  	> <I strongly plead from my heart to every player of the Burma 
	> politics from different sides that this is about time to 
	> forget their own ego, mistrust and hatred, to try to learn 
	> how to compromise the different ideas and opinions, and to 
	> start to work together for the sake of Burmese people who are 
	> in miserable condition. ***1 In fact, it was already too late.  
	> We don't need heroes but good people with good heart, a 
	> vision and farsightedness in it.  Only those people can take 
	> Burma to twentyfirst century in the same pace with our 
	> neighbors.>

My comment on ***1 is this. It is not too late. Good things have already
emerged. I have seen and witness many cases as such. Let us take one
example which is already very obvious. It is the paragraph as shown
above. I think we, Burmese, Karen, Chin, etc. etc..., human beings are 
all equally cleaver and good. If one becomes aware of our own 
shortcoming or anyone else's we are on the right track. Since you know
what is good for our country and you wish to do good for our country 
there will be at least 90% of 45 million Burmese population who also 
know and will.

Let me remind you of three fishes story. Once upon a time there were 
three fishes lying on the floor inside a fishing boat where they
were being caught by a fisherman. One thought that it is its Karma, 
let it be so. It tried nothing and at the end of the day it was killed.
Another one thought itself that it is an industrious fish, it has to try
its best to get out of the fishing boat. So it kept jumping repeatedly 
in order to get back to the river. The fisherman noticed it and hitted
the industrious fish and it was dead. The third fish thought that it has
to jump out of the fishing boat at a proper moment. So, it kept still, 
quiet and reserving its energy by resting. So that fisherman did not pay
attention to it. All of a sudden wind blew and the fishing boat tilted.
The 'third fish' jumped out to the river and happily swimming ever after. 

[NB: All the pro-democracy activists/freedom fighters of all ethnic groups
of Burma in and outside Burma, either dead or alive and imprisoned, can be
regarded as wind blowers.]
As we all know, 45 million Burmese population including 250,000
soldiers in 1990 were not sleepy nor they stupid. They knew what to do 
when opportunity arose. Hence 82% of the total vote were casted for the 
NLD at the May election eight years ago today. Nowadays the population 
of soldiers becomes +- 500,000. Of course, they were civilians before their
recruitment. There is also not much difference between soldiers who
love to see democracy and the civilians who love to see democracy,
isn't it? They all can be the 'third fish' if they wish.

The writer (b) wrote: 
	#> Watcher who has not enough courage to disclose his name
	#> and I feel guilty for it!!!

I think, it doesn't matter either disclosing your name or not disclosing
your name if you are a 'third fish'. May all Burmese people become the
'third fish'.

With metta and solidarity,

PS: Unfortunately it is useless to try to remain anonymous because
everybody knows who I am and what my opinions are. It doesn't mean that 
I am courageous. To be truly honest, at first I was doing all this
work while my knees were shaking. After a while my knees stopped shaking 
because I received a lot of support from 'third fishes'. Please don't be
shocked when you realise how many millions of 'third fishes' stay in
and outside Burma. 

Hee Hee  ~ ~
          v      Now, I am not afraid.

Thanks are due to those, who work quietly without claiming any credit. 
I want all of you to understand that Free Burma activists, who are 
publicly active, are like tips of icebergs in a deep ocean. Each one 
of us is supported by many quiet 'third fishes'. In honour of those who 
work quietly by not disclosing their names means not gaining any public
recognition, and those who are standing by awaiting a good governance 
to be installed in Burma, I would like to recite a quote from 
It is this.....

May you all be happy and healthy,