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Portrait of An Exile Burmese by Lin (r)

Dear writer

You Write...........
<I strongly plead from my heart to every player of the Burma politics 
from different sides that this is about time to forget their own ego, 
mistrust and hatred, to try to learn how to compromise the different 
ideas and opinions, and to start to work together for the sake of 
Burmese people who are in miserable condition.  In fact, it was already 
too late.  We don't need heroes but good people with good heart, a 
vision and farsightedness in it.  Only those people can take Burma to 
twentyfirst century in the same pace with our neighbors.  I have said 
before it was just a very thin >

Most of the people, I mean from my view, are trying to find the way to 
compromise. But there comes no strong strategies for this objective from 
these people including me!!!

I accept and appreciate your dedications and visions to Our Beloved 
Country. Please do not get me wrong I just like to know  to whom you 
mean with ego,mistrust, and hatred.

With Regards

Watcher who has not enough courage to disclose his name
and I feel guilty for it!!!

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