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/* Written Tue 26 May 11:00am 1998 by drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* --------------" Letter to Senior Gen Than Shwe "------------- */


Dr U Ne Oo
18 Shannon Place
Adelaide SA 5000

May 21, 1998.

Senior General Than Shwe
State Peace and Development Council
c/o Ministry of DEfence
Signal Pagoda Road
Rangoon, Burma.

Dear General Than Shwe

I am deeply disappointed to learn that your council has allowed 42
Chinese Naval Intelligence Officers to  [operate] in Burmese Navy
bases. By doing so, your council has become an instrument in China
threatening the security of India and responsible for increasing
military tension in South East Asian region. Since our independence,
Burma has consistently adopted neutral foreign policy, especially
regarding with China and India. Your council has broken this much
valued tradition and allowed the Burmese and Burma to become the
'axe-handles' and 'lackey' of China. I therefore urge you to send
all those Chinese Intelligence Officers immediately back to China.

I have also learnt that you have hired two American lobbying firms
-- Ann Wrobleski's Jefferson Waterman International and Jackson
Bain's Associates -- in order to help lift American government's
sanction on Burma. You should be aware that our Burma pro-democracy
groups have more influence on American government and Congress than
those lobbying firms. Therefore, do not attempt to waste Burmese
people's money on those firms.

If you want the American sanctions to be lifted, you should make a
substantive dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. When your council,
SPDC, reaches agreement with NLD to share power, the Burma
pro-democracy groups will support American President to lift
sanction on Burma. Not only that, we will also lobby American
government and international community to give generous support for
drug eradication programme when your council making dialogue with
the National League for Democracy.

We are dismayed to learn that your council have refused the offer by
U.N.Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan, to help begin dialogue with
NLD and ethnic rebel groups. I believe that you and your council
ought to be more courteous and respectful to the Secretary-General
of United Nations. The people from U.N. and Secretary-General are
always trying to make good efforts for Burma and your council must
not object the help of those from U.N. Your council should urgently
cooperate U.N.Secretary-General, Human Rights Special Rapporteur
and High Commissioner for Refugees in solving Burma's many of
political problems.

Yours respectfully and sincerely
Sd. U Ne Oo.

/* Endreport */