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Media Release by KNU News, Informat

Department of News, Information and Research

SPDC False Propaganda and Traitor Pado Aung San

On 27-4-98, the SPDC military junta, once more, devised a false propaganda.
In this false propaganda brochure, the name and designation, "Pado Aung
San, Head of the Economic Bureau, KNU Central Headquarters" were used.
Concerning this matter, the KNU Department of News, Information and
Research would like to clarify as follows:

1. The SPDC propaganda, a thorough-going fraud, dated 27-4-98, was written
by no other than the SPDC, and Pado Aung San was made to sign it. Since
6-4-98, Pado Aung San has nothing to do with the KNU as he has been
expelled, for good, by the KNU from its organization and all its agencies,
effective from that date. 
2. The KNU and the Karen people have to continue the resistance, because
the SPDC continues to wage its barbarous war, committing endless
destruction and atrocities against the Karen people. The SPDC is also
responsible for unilaterally breaking off the dialogue for cease-fire and
peace between it and the KNU, and resuming a major offensive against the
KNU and the Karen people.
3. The entire Karen people have become destitute, and many have to seek
refuge in Thailand because of the brutal war and heinous crimes perpetrated
by the SPDC military junta. Similarly, the whole country of Burma has been
impoverished, reduced to the status of  "Least of the Least Developed
Country (LLDC)," and the entire population has been turned into virtual
prisoners and refugees by the military junta. The cause of these ravages
are the dictatorial rule of the SPDC military junta and its monopolistic
and selfish hold on the economy. No one but the SPDC must be held
responsible entirely, for these disasters.
     Those who must go down in history as the real culprits for all the
tragedies, afflictions and depravities, going on in the country of Burma,
are no other than the SPDC military dictatorship and traitors against the
nation. No other organization or individual must or can be held responsible
for them. 

May 25, 1998