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The News inside Burma,Harassment of

News headlines
1:) The News inside Burma
2:) Harassment of Burmese exiles must be stopped
1:)The News inside Burma

Please convert to Win Burmese.

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2:)Harassment of Burmese exiles must be stopped

Since the crackdown by the military regime in Burma in 1988, thousands of
Burmese students and politicians have sought refuge in Thailand in the hope
that one day they will be able to return home. While they are in Thailand,
they have been subjected to intimidation, humiliation and non-stop abuse by
Thai authorities.
The recent arrest of exiled MP Thein Oo and 13 students who have been
living in Thailand was deplorable. It is part of the mop-up operation to
push back illegal foreign workers. The government plans to repatriate close
to 300,000 illegal workers, and in the past weeks, more than 100,000 have
been sent back to their own countries.
Those not engaged in any political activities would not be put in jeopardy
by repatriation . But the repatriation of those who are anti-Burmese
government would endanger their lives. Given Thailand's good standing on
the principles of human rights and democracy, the arrests represent a
180-degree turn of the Thai policy. When the Democrat-led government came
to power last year, it said that one of its main foreign policy pillars if
to uphold these principles.
The Chuan Leekpai government has changed somewhat in its treatment of the
Burmese in exile, not to mention the Karen refugees who are living inside
Thailand. Bangkok has become friendly to the Rangoon regime because of the
tense situation along the Thai-Burmese border. In the past five months,
Thailand has approached Burma to reduce the border tension and settle the
demarcation dispute, but in doing so, it has jeopardized its long-standing
policy of providing humanitarian assistance to the exiled Burmese.
Thailand faces a dilemma in trying to maintain balance in its relations
with Burma, which does not respect any rule of law. Even after it was
admitted to Asean, Burma has not shown any concern for the well-being of
the organization. The country remains reclusive. As such, it is pivotal
that the Chuan government stand firm in its principles while trying to
settle the demarcation problem.
	Thailand's position in the region and international community has been
alleviated since November due to Prime Minister Chuan's good rapport with
the key Asean leaders and his moderate line. Any improvement between
Thailand and Burma relations would strengthen the fabric of Asean as well
as Burma's relations with Asean. 
	Thailand must continue to be firm and encourage the Rangoon regime to hold
talks with the opposition to achieve a national reconciliation and return
the country to normalcy. Then and only then can these Burmese in exile
return safely and contribute to their country. If the Thai authorities
continue to whitewash and allow the Burmese military junta to exploit our
openness and transparent policy, then the consequences will worsen as
exiled Burmese will not be able to return home.
	It is a good time for Thailand to demonstrate to the world that even in
times of economic crisis, the government can still maintain a balanced
policy of humanitarian assistance.
	----------END -----------------