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Statement on Mon kingdom Hongsawato

Statement on the 241st anniversary of the falling day of Mon Kingdom

May 18, 1998

May 18, 1998 is an unforgettable day for the Mon people as it is the 241st
anniversary of the falling day of Mon kingdom Hongsawatoi.  In the year 573,
two Mon brothers, Prince Samala and Wimala, founded the Mon kingdom
Hongsawatoi at the present site of modern Pegu, today's Pago in lower  Burma.
The Mon kingdom flourished in peace and prosperity  for several centuries
until it was occupied by the Burman dynasty.  In 1757, the Burman ruler U
Aungzeya invaded and devastated the Mon kingdom, killing tens thousands of
Mon, including learned Mon priests, pregnant women, and children.  Over  three
thousands priests were massacred by the victorious Burman in the capital city
alone as well as  countless thousands of priests throughout the countryside.
Most of the Mon literature, written on palm leaves, was destroyed by the
conquering Burman.  Use of the Mon language was forbidden and Burman became
the only medium of instruction.    Following  that,  the Mon people were
persecuted, oppressed, enslaved, and countless people were burnt in ruthless
holocausts similar to the destruction of Jews by the Nazi.

Moreover, the current situation of Mon people has become worse and worse.
The current Burmese military regime uses ethnic cleansing policies to clean
out diverse ethnic groups, including the Mon.   The Burmese troops committed
serious human rights violations such as rape, looting, forced labor, and
summary execution of innocent civilians in Monland.  Since 1988, thousands of
Mon people have fled to refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma border to
escape the oppression in their homeland.

On this tragic day, the Mon people living in Burma and around the world
express their grief and regretfully mourn for their slaughtered ancestors.
On the 241st anniversary of the falling day of our kingdom, we, Monland
Restoration Council, on behalf of the silenced, forgotten, and suppressed Mon
people everywhere, strongly protest against the Burmese military regime in
front of its embassy in Washington, D.C., USA.

We call for:

The Burmese military regime to initiate a genuine dialogue comprised of
elected representatives, ethnic leaders, and military representatives.

National self-determination for the Mon

Foreign companies to stop doing business with the illegal Burmese military

Central Committee
Monland Restoration Council
P.O. Box 50108
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Tel/Fax:  219-471-3961
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