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NEWS - One Killed, 11 Injured in Ma

One Killed, 11 Injured in Mandalay Cinema Blast


        YANGON, May 22 (Reuters) - An
        explosion in a cinema in Myanmar's
        second largest city Mandalay, about
        507 kms (317 miles) north of the
        capital Yangon, killed one woman
        and injured 11 other people, the
        government said in a statement on

        It gave no details about the nature of
        the blast, which occurred on
        Thursday evening. 

        ``An investigation is going on into the
        explosion,'' the statement added. 

XINHUA's report

One Killed in MYANMAR'S Mandalay Theater Explosion


        YANGON (May 22) XINHUA - An
        explosion took place Thursday
        afternoon at a movie theater in
        Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest
        city, killing one woman and injuring
        11 others, Myanmar authorities
        confirmed Friday. 

        The explosion in Mandalay, about
        600 kilometers from Yangon,
        occurred at 16:10 local time. 

        The authorities are making
        investigation in connection with the
        explosion, the official sources said.