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The news of NCGUB arrest and Karenn

News Headlines
1): Today newsupdate on the NCGUB arrest
2): Cease-fire talks between Myanmar's military

1): Today newsupdate on the NCGUB arrest

Up to the time of the release of this email, 3:00 pm, they are still in
Nonthaburi police station. up to now , we are trying to send some one Thai
to meet them there.

U THein Oo had a chance to contact outside and according to him they all
will be put onto the rial tomorrow and then will be charged fines for
illegal immiration and then will be sent to the border.

2): Cease-fire talks between Myanmar's military

CHIANG MAI, Thailand (AP) _ Cease-fire talks between Myanmar's military
 regime and ethnic Karenni rebels suffered a setback Friday when the
 guerrillas' military wing withdrew support the group's delegation.

 Aung Mya, military commander of the Karenni National Progressive Party,
 said Friday the six-man delegation that left for the Myanmar capital last
 week does not have his backing or approval of the central committee.
 The internal split could undermine the effectiveness of any agreement
 reached by the delegation and the government of Myanmar, also known as Burma.
 The Karenni delegation is led by Pya Hrae, president of the party, who
 arrived in Yangon last Wednesday for the negotiations. Previous talks have
 been inconclusive.

 ``They (the Myanmar government) wanted us to hand over our weapons and then
 come under their legal fold,'' Aung Mya said. ``They promised to develop
 our territory, but they don't have any money themselves.''
 The group is willing to sign a cease-fire agreement on the condition that
 they be able to maintain their troops, weapons, and remain in their
 territory in Kayah State near Thailand, he said.
 The military government has reached cease-fires with a score of ethnic
 rebel groups in recent years. The Karenni group signed one in 1995, but it
 broke down a year later over logging disputes. Timber is the sole source of
 Karenni income.
 Thousands of Karenni have sought refuge in Thailand from government
 military offensives. The rebel group is believed to have about 3,000

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