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Land lease to Indians Incorrect

Land lease to Indians Incorrect

Indian newspapers reported an MOU signed between Burmese military and
Indian governments. The report, which said SPDC would lease lands to
Indian farmers to work in Burma was a surprise and bother the
pro-democracy groups. The Burma Info (CCN) contacted to concerned ministry
and officials to make clear the news. On May 13, 1998 the Information
Bureau of Government of India clarified that the question of leasing land
to Indian farmers for agricultural purposes was neither raised nor

Shri Som Pal, Minister of State for Agriculture had recently visited
Rangoon to attend FAO Regional Council Meeting and to sign an MOU with
General Nyunt Tin. Burmese government invited foreign investment in the
agriculture sector for growing various commercial crops such as cotton,
tea, sugarcane and cashew for export. It is learnt that SPDC would make
available land to foreign companies on appropriate lease. In the MOU both
governments agreed to cooperate in crop science, research, agricultural
extension, sericulture, horticulture, jute, sugarcane, arid zone
agriculture, cooperative farming, agricultural mechanization, agriculture
statistics, Geographic Information System (GIS), fertilizer and pesticides
use and agricultural joint ventures, agro-based industries, exchange of
scientific information and germ-plasma, watershed development and water
resources development including irrigation.

An Indian military intelligent officer who has access to Gen. Khin Nyunt
and has returned from Burma told that the news was just bogus.

The General Secretary of Indian Council for International Co-operation,
Mr. B. Agrewal said, "The SPDC just wants foreign investment and hard
currency." His associate said he suspected that the military regime wanted
to development the agricultural sector.

Burma Info (CCN)