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Congratulations to the Indonesian p

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               Congratulations to the Indonesian people

The Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma (MLOB) welcomes the stepping
down of President Suharto of Indonesia today, May, 21,1998 as an answer to
the demand of Indonesian people including students.

The MLOB  would like to extend its heart-felt congratulations to the
Indonesian people as well as the students on their victory and we hope that
will pave a way for genuine political reforms in Indonesia as desired by
the Indonesian people.

The MLOB also appreciates the Indonesian army that has restrained from using
 brutalities against the students as well the people during the demonstrations.

We hope the victory of the Indonesian people would provide a valuable
lesson to the Burma's military rulers which has been exploiting as well as
brutalizing the 45 million Burmese peoples and persecuting especially the
minorities, since it has seized power in 1962.

The Burma's military rulers,instead of trying to cling to power by hook or
by crook and trying to draft a so-called constitution for many years to
legitimise its power,  should realise what is happening in Burma and how
the peoples are suffering for almost forty years. The MLOB urges the
military rulers, for  mere benefits of the country and its peoples, to
solve Burma's long standing problems by political means as earlier as

We heartily wish the Indonesian people peace and prosperity.

The Muslim Liberation organization of Burma.