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For A Peaceful Transition

This is a gift to Indonesia people and students to consider a formula of a
peaceful democracy reform that may be useful for not only for Indonesia but
also among other reformists in Asia. 

To limelight a peaceful transition in Indonesia, the present Suharto hand-
picked leader Habibie whose image in public eyes is as a dictator, cronyism,
and nepotism, has to resign first. A leader so-call Prime Minister has have to
chosen by the cabinet, not by Suharto alone, in order tofrom "an intern
government" that will monitor the election. The intern government that is
entitled to transfer power to wining parties and candidates immediately after
the election at the same time as after forming government. Without having an
interim government, a promise to hold a new election by Habibi's new regime is
very doubtful.  

Thus, all Indonesian should look for or employment the following steps as
under mentions joined by students and Muslim leaders.  

1) Abolish Habibie's cabinet.  
2)  From an interim government. 
3) Set up an independent election committee by all concerns. 
4) Hold a national election held within four months.  
5) Transfer power to elected representatives. 

The most concern for the democratic reform is "Transferring Power." In Western
view [election] is a peaceful transition. But for authoritarian regimes, the
election is to gain legitimacy and power to rule a nation or to crackdown
oppositions. An important benchmark for all nations and governmental and non-
governmental organization all over the world has to be considered is the
transferring power to elected representatives.    

Look back Burma and Nigeria situations, after the military regimes held
elections, almost all democratic leaders were killed and arrested. Instead of
transferring power to the elected representatives, the regimes repress their
own citizens. Things turn even worse. 

Coming Cambodia election on July 27 will also enhance Hu San regime in
legitimacy and gain more foreign aid that is essential to prolong Hu San's

In short [election] does not grantee peaceful democracy transition without
immediate transferring power to people who are voted by peoples in Indonesia
and elsewhere.    

Rangoon Post Working Group (USA).