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Wait and See Indonesia

After more than 500 people have been burnt alive last week, one might 
thinks that Mr. Suharto's abrupt resignation from his 30-yr-stay in 
Indonesian presidency heralds the beginning of the falls of dictatorial 
regimes in Asia.  

Will the Suharto's colleagues in Rangoon follow the example set by him? 
Or, it can also be that Suharto copied the way his freind's Ne Win did 
in 1988 with a special design to pull the strings behind the puppet 
regimes, SLORC or SPDC(Recently the two met at the funeral service of 
the outgoing Indonesian president).

Let us wait and see the final stage of Indonesian crisis while extending 
our solidarity and support to the Indonesian people and their student 

Kyaw Kyaw Htut

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