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Bangkok post (21/5/98) news

News headlines
1:) Burmese opposition MP arrested

Burmese opposition MP arrested

Sixteen Burmese including an opposition MP were arrested yesterday at a
house in Nonthburi and charged with illegal entry, police said.
	Among them is U Thein Oo, 43, a member of the National Coalition
Government of the Union of Burma.
	U Thein Oo was returned as an MP in the 1990 general election.
	The NCGUB is the parallel Burmese government established on the
Thai-Burmese border after the elected MPs fled the country following a
crackdown on dissidents after the elections.
	Police also seized computers and fax machines.
	According to police, the house is a refuge for Burmese students who are
members of a pro-democracy movement opposed to Rangoon military government.
	U Thein Oo said yesterday he has taken shelter here for more than five
years and received 50,000 baht a month in financial support from
international organizations.
	He said the group also runs a base in Kanchanaburi province against the
Burmese government.
	According to police, the suspects would be handed over to immigration
police and U Thein Oo in particular would also be questioned by Special
Branch Bureau police. 
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