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Here is the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on May 14, 1998
Resolution on death sentences in Myanmar (Burma)
The European Parliament,
having regard to its previous resolutions on Burma,
A. concerned that six prisoners whom Amnesty International considers to have been incarcerated on political grounds were sentenced to death in Burma last week,
B. concerned that these are the first known political prisoners to have received the death penalty in several years and that, according to reports, 20 more prisoners have died in custody,
C. whereas Burmese troops also regularly extra-judicially execute members of ethnic minorities in counter-insurgency activities,
1. calls the Burmese Government to abolish the death penalty, not to apply the death penalty for the above mentioned cases and to release all political prisoners unless criminal charges can be substantiated under democratic and fair legal procedures;
2. Calls on the Council and the governments of the Member States to put pressure on business and industry in order to dissuade them from making any financial investments in Burma;
3. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council and the Government of Myanmar.

Michel Beankens