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Dark Glass Paranoia and Gambling Fl

Dark Glass Paranoia

The ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)has issued an order
prohibiting all private cats in the county --  except those used by the SPDC
VIPs --  from being covered with dark glass as of February 1998. Most
private car owners in the cities were said to put dark glass on their cars
to prevent direct sunlight and reduce the high temperatures in the cars for
comfort.  The problem for the SLORC/SPDC generals is that as the car being
covered with the dark glass people outside cannot see those in the car
through the glass but only people in the car can see those outside. Articles
on the SLORC/SPDC-controlled newspapers say that this order is enforced to
help prevent crimes. However, it is widely believed in the country that it
is simply intended for security of the SLORC/SPDC generals who are all in a
state of paranoia.

Mon Information Service (Bangkok)
1189/3 Soi Panitchakan-Tonburi,
Charan-Snitwong Rd.
Bkk. 10160

Gambling Endemic In Mon State

SLORC/SPDC's local level authorities in the rural Mon area have openly
encouraged local inhabitants to be involved in gambling by issuing
permission for them to open gambling dens in their respective villages,
thereby collecting taxes from the gambling dens as a new way of making their
own private benefits. The so-called tax money collected firm these gambling
dens are reportedly shared out between SLORC/SPDC's administration,
military, police and MI officials. Too many gambling dens have been
available throughout the rural Mon region for more than one year now,
encouraging bad character and the cause of crime in the region.

According to Mon villager from Thanbyuzayat township's Weng Rai village, his
village has also had an all-time gambling den opened with the encouragement
and permission of local SLORC/SPDC administration and military authorities.
These local administration and military officials have collected a lot of
money from the gambling den as taxes and shared it out between themselves
for their personal benefits. Several people from Mon State, whom the Mon
Information Service has recently met, have expressed their common
disappointment with the present terrible gambling endemic at their
respective home villages.

April 1998, Mon Information Service (Bangkok)
1189/3 Soi Panitchakan-Tonburi,
Charan-Snitwong Rd.
Bkk. 10160