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Statement of Support

The Alternative Asean Network on Burma (Altsean-Burma) expresses its 
strongest support and solidarity to the peoples of Indonesia on this 
National Day of Awakening.

It is hoped that Indonesia?s National Day of Awakening would also awaken 
the rest of the region to the fact that human rights and democracy are 
essential to long-term stability and sustainable growth.

Altsean-Burma urges the governments of all Asean member states, 
particularly the government of Indonesia, to ensure that the wishes of 
the peoples of Indonesia, including indigenous communities are respected 
and fulfilled as soon as possible without further bloodshed.

Altsean-Burma also reminds Asean member states that the grouping?s 
policy of so-called ?non-interference? has contributed to the worsening 
crisis in Indonesia. It is time to realise that the effects of 
widespread human rights violations, corruption and authoritarianism 
respects no boundaries.

May 20, 1998

A L T S E A N - B U R M A
Alternative Asean Network on Burma
Tel/Fax: 66 2 693 4515 * <altsean@xxxxxxxxxx>