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The Karen Website, which basically serves as a communication and cultural
exchange center, can be viewed at: 


The Karen Website, although created and maintained by the Internet
Communication Support Division of the Karen National League (KNL), is
dedicated to all Karens and the oppressed people of Burma. The site includes
news section which will be updated on daily basis by KNL staffs in order to
inform both the Karen and non-Karen communities exclusively about current
situation of Karen people, and a Bulletin Board Station on which everybody can
voice their personal opinion.  

The Karen Website is also composed of the following sections such as Karen
History, Books & Literatures, Karen Dress, Karen Holidays and Kawthoolei.
These sections are designed to be useful for those who are interested in
learning more about various aspects of Karen history and culture.  We also
have a "Chat Session" going on every Friday evening.

We will try our best to update this homepage.  Currently, the transcript of
KNU's Clarification Document Concerning Negotiation between KNU and SLORC is
available in English under the History Section.

Department of Communication and Information
Karen National League (KNL)
email: KNLcomm@xxxxxxx