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That Burma ruled by SPDC is the world's largest producer of heroin is
supported by the report that follws.


Julien Moe
 Burma :The Biggest producer of Heroin
May 18 ,1998

Burma found to be the world's largest illicit producer of opium(2560 metric
tons 1996-a 9% increase over 1995) and a minor producer of cannabis for the
international drug trade:surrender of druglord Khun Sa's Mong Tai Army in
January 1996 was hailed by Rangoon as a major counter-narcotics success, but
lack of serious government committment and resources continue to hinder the
overall anti-drug effort; growing role in the production of methamphetamines
for regional consumption.

According to the UN, the biggest producer of heroin is Burma with demand and
abuse of drugs growing all over the region. In particular the UN has
expressed concern that the use of synthetic drugs such as amphetamines, is
increasing in Asia providing a new target in the war against drug abuse. 

Sources: Central Intelligence Agency
                   British Broadcasting Corporation