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Update on Illegal Migrant Burmese w

Update on Illegal Migrant Burmese workers in Thailand

Bangkok Ramkamhaeng district
About 500 Thai and Burmese workers are working at the Asian Game stadium in
Ramkamheng, Bangkok.  They have not received their wages for 30 days. In
the evening of the15th May 1998, the Thai workers contacted the police to
solve the problem between employer and workers. The police came to solve
the problem and the Thai workers received their full wages immediately. 
The Burmese workers did not receive any money.  And so, the Burmese workers
did not go to work for two days. The employer called the Burmese workers
and said that the problem is due to the economic crisis and not only
himself. (Many companies sponsor Asian Games). Then, he gave only 5
kilograms of rice packet to a Burmese worker and requested them to continue
work on 18th and 19th May. The Burmese workers do not have money to buy
food and daily needed. They take things on credit from the near shops for
food and daily needed before. Now they are increasing debts and the shop
owners can not give them anymore because their money are not certain to get
from employer. 

The Burmese workers want to get their wages to return to Burma. The
employer also said those workers who do not work will not receive wages.
Some of Burmese workers wanted to go back to home but they don't have fare
to return to Burma. As they are not sure for their future due to the
warning from the Thai authorities. Some workers said they have to continue
in the same work to seek their wages from employer even though they are not
sure to get.

Mahachai Province
About 800 Burmese workers are now back working at the prawn sorting market
even after the announcement by the Labor Ministry of Thailand to leave the
country by May 1 1998 or face legal action. Some of workers do not go back
because they have no fare to return. But, some of the new workers coming
from Burma again because of very difficult to survive in Burma.

Lakaban district, Minburi, Bangkok
Today, May 18th 1998, in the morning, Thai police raided at a construction
side and arrested about 30 workers. Some of them escaped and are hiding in
their workplace. Thai police remain there and are believed to come and
arrest again.

Burmese people especially from Tenasserim division and Mon State are
working in this construction site. Most of the workers went back to Burma.
About 100 workers are remaining there. There are some Thai workers working
as foreman. 

Federation of Trade Unions - Burma