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Sustain Yours!!!

Dear all

This is the favorable era for the firms which manufacture the 
so-called(actually not granted) atomic radiations shields. India 
preparing to fight with Pakiston backed by China. Iraq ready to launch 
its deadliness and poisonous weapons. American trying to say loudly in 
the international community that it would sanction these war countries. 
German, France and Japan are in the very cautious and susceptible 
situation. Soviet ready to disclose its secret experiments and to 
distribute the technologies. This kind of situation may happen suddenly.

India is the first country which opposes the treaty and tries to possess 
nuclear weapon and there definitely are second,third ,fourth.........etc 
queueing. They also have strong reason for their
acquirement of nuclear weapons. 

I ,not fully agree with "Nobody monopoly the truth"(I mean from my 
religious point of view) But I strongly accept
 "Nobody should monopoly the possession of deadliness and  enormously 
destructible weapons ". 

If any country wants to control usage of nucleary weapon,it should first 
destroy its n_weapons. Because we are not very sure that the owner of 
N_weapon is thinking right or wrong way. Whatsoever way it is thinking 
it may be very risky for our generations,Homo-sapien and other living 
things and Our beloved Home-sweet-Home Earth.

Being an inhabitant of Globe,my personal advice to the countries like 
America,Germany,France,Japan,China,India and others doing trial is 

"Do not greedy with what you get which is very dangerous to all, Just 
throw away these for the sake of Longer sustaining of our generation and 


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