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The Truth about the Burmese Abroad

The information in this email is full of no exaggeration but just the 
truth based on evidences and inquiries.The information contains 
identities of the Burmese working against or for SLORC/SPDC.

It's true that Burma has been suffering from miliatry dictatorship since 
1988.Thus while Daw Aung San Suu Kyi strives for freedom and democracy 
inside Burma, the so-called Burmese expatriates abroad abuse
the cause for personal gains.

The following are such individuals.

Zarni ,a so-called FBC activist, or the biggest beggar who's been 
begging for funds from any foundation that has existed in the world.

Sein Win(Dr)maybe he achieved his Ph.D. in Begging and Cheating NGOs and 
foreign governments. Sein Win has been going around the world from 
Germany to France,from belgium to Netherlands just for the purpose of 
soliciting funds from NGOs and governments. Where the funds he received 
went has never been disclosed.Shouldn't those funds go to the refugee 
camps at Thai-Burma border?What a selfish beggar!

Thaung Tun(Dr) See above as Dr Sein Win.Thaung Tun's office is based in 
New York City where he would do nothing but visit brothels in Chinatown 
and demands from Burma Action Committee secret funds for NCGUB.Honest 
and decent members of Burma Action Committee trusted him
when he preached what he read in the news.be a preacher,Thung Tun.But 
you'll burn in hell when you die.

Tun Aung Gyaw, the first founder of ABSDF but does he think Ne Win is 
stupid enough to accept his offer to reconcile with Daw Aung san Suu 
Kyi?Megalomaniac ,isn't he?He hasn't been found guilty of soliciting 
funds so far.Anyway he's a moron for what hae'd done.

Julien Moe, a selfish,self-centred spy working for foreign governments 
like Uncle Sam and possibly for the British government.We know you'd 
give any intelligence to the US government on Burma.We know every move 
you make.Who knows  whether he could be exchanging intelligence with 
SLORC aka SPDC too?Go ahead and get ready to be shot by either of the 
sides,you sissy spy!

Nyi  Nyi Lwin, a so-called stupid Arakan taung-kyaw.. sorry..Taung-Kyaw 
means  Border-Crosser who has nothing to do with politics.Known to be 
begging for funds from all foundations in D.C.Got none though.A thug of 
Sein Win!He would brown-nose Sein Win and bash any enemy of NCGUB.

Maung Maung, a so-called labor movement activist begging for money 
everywhere.ABSDF members want to kill him for his  abuse of funds.
You'll burn in hell like Thaung Tun and Sein Win.

Aye Aye Soe Win, an adulterer who went to sleep with Win naing Oo of 
Democratic Voice of Burma in spite of her husband, Thaung Win.One of the  
fund collectors for ABSDF but where have the funds gone?ABSDF didn't 
acknowledge the receipt of funds.No wonder she could live on the funds, 
being unemployed.

San Myint, a stupid Chink who's now in charge of Burma Action Committee 
and Overseas Burma Foundation.Both orgs have the same P.O.Box.Do you 
believe it?The profession of the Burmese expatriates 
in the United States.

Okkar also known as Okkar66127.He's no Col Hla Min like you folks 
think.The guy is only a major.He's Karen by the way.He's now in 
Singapore on a high-tech training that is going to last 2 months.Don't 
you guys wonder why his account has been deactivated?

Signed by

End of part 1

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