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BP: SULAK'S TRIAL: Ruling soon on

May 15, 1998


                              SULAK'S TRIAL

              Ruling soon on
              transfer call

              Security cited


              The Supreme Court will rule on May 30 on whether to transfer
              the trial of Sulak Sivaraksa from Thong Pha Phum District Court
              to the Criminal Court in Bangkok.

              Mr Sulak was arrested earlier this year and charged with
              obstructing work on the Yadana gas pipeline project by staging a
              sit-in protest at the site.

              He submitted a request early last month for his trial to be
              conducted at the Criminal Court in Bangkok instead of the
              Thong Pha Phum court, citing security and the inconvenience of
              travelling from Bangkok to attend hearings.

              Provincial prosecutors objected, saying the case was a minor
              one. If found guilty, Mr Sulak would be entitled to up to six
              months in jail or a fine of not more than 1,000 baht.

              The Thong Pha Phum court yesterday set May 30 to read the
              Supreme Court ruling.

              Mr Sulak was accompanied to the court by some 100
              supporters from various democracy and environment groups.

              After the session, Mr Sulak and his supporters went to the site
              where he protested against the Petroleum Authority of Thailand's
              gas pipeline project.

              He vowed to continue to expose what he believes is the
              government's damage to the environment, lack of respect for
              human rights, and lack of sincerity in dealing with the problems of
              local people.


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