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BP: Karenni rebels negotiating c

May 15, 1998


              Karenni rebels

              Cheewin Sattha 
              Mae Hong Son

              The Karenni National Progressive Party and people from
              Kayah state have entered into talks with Rangoon to negotiate a
              ceasefire between Karenni rebels and Burmese troops, a Thai
              border official said.

              The source said six representatives of the KNPP and Kayah
              state left for Rangoon on Tuesday to conduct negotiations.

              The conflict over the state's independence has raged in border
              areas opposite Muang and Khun Yuam districts.

              The delegation led by Kayah state president Bya Rae reportedly
              received a warm welcome from Burmese authorities when they
              arrived in Tachilek.

              According to the source, many rounds of talks between the two
              parties including this one have been coordinated by an ethnic
              businessman from Rangoon.

              Until now, fighting between Burmese troops and Karenni rebels
              has prompted more than 20,000 people from Kayah state to
              seek refuge in Thailand.

              The first ceasefire between the Karenni and the military in 1995
              broke down after the then State Law and Order Restoration
              Council reneged on the accord by sending 6,000 troops into the
              KNPP-controlled area.


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