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Burma Will Be the Next Indonesia

Burma Will Be the Next Indonesia

1) People Power movement is now occurring in Indonesia. Burma will be the
2) Malaysia is the third after Burma.
3) All these moves clearly indicate that "peoples' voice must put in
forefront" in nation's economic and political processes.

For Burma, incoming wet season, through June and August, insufficient rice and
other badly needed daily foods will escalate civic unrest and then it will
change to political movements. Last water flood in several states and
divisions damaged 60% of the rice productions. But the SPDC has not yet
prepared to request foods and other medical supplies form international
organizations, such as United Nations. At the same time, the SPDC forced
farmers to involuntarily donate rice to its army. Surviving only the army in
entire starved people does not guarantee the SPDC and its leader to remain in
power. Rather, it will divide the armed forces, and more bloody clashes
between the forces will consequential answer. 

In order to avoid the bloody challenges, it is time for SPDC to start dialogue
with NLD, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and ethnic leaders. Sooner talk is
always better before for our nation.  

In short, some power and economic elite who believes only economy changes
grantee rights, justice, and political stability in a country now show that
they are  wrong. Political and economy improvements work hands in hands.  It
is time for the elite to recognize it, based on an example of Indonesia. 


RP Working Group