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Bangkok post (15/5/98) news

News headlines

1:) Asean-US dialogue will shift to Minila
2:) Karenni rebels negotiating crase-fire

Asean -US dialogue will shift to Manila
Burmese denied visas for Washington talks 

Talks between Asean and the US will be held in Manila next week instead of
Washington because of American reluctance to issue visas to Burmese
officials, foreign ministry official said yesterday.
	The scheduled meeting of permanent secretaries of the nine Asean countries
and the US will be held on may 23 and 24, alongside a special Asean-SOM
gathering next Thursday and an Asean Regional Forum (ARF) session May 20 to
	Source said the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) agrees to
the US request that they're meeting is moved to Philippines on condition
that it not set a precedent for future sessions.
	US refusal to grant visas to Burmese delegates disturbed Asean, which
admitted Burma as a partner last July, the ministry sources said.
	The Asean-US dialogue will consider such issues as economic outlook,
economic and investment, drug trafficking and other international crime and
law enforcement.
	Burma will likely be quizzed on the issue of narcotics control.
	Thailand recently signed a deal with Burma to curb the illicit drug trade,
and through this channel, Rangoon could receive assistance from abroad,
including from the US.
	At the ARF meeting, with an Indian delegation on hand, Asean senior
officials and 11 dialogue partners will discuss India's underground nuclear
tests this week.
	Foreign ministry spokesman Kobsak Chutikul said Australia, New Zealand and
Canada would raise the matter in the context of the Southeast Asian Nuclear
Weapons-Free Zone.
	Thailand agreed to the talks and Asean senior officials will informally
discuss the matter at their special meeting reviewing the political and
security situation in the Asia-Pacific region.
	Foreign ministry permanent secretary Sajro Chavanavirach will head the
Thai delegation.
	ARF members include Asean's Thailand, Brunie, Burma, Indonesia, Laos,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, along with Australia,
China, Canada, the European Union, India, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New
Guinea, Russia, South Korea and the US.

Karenni rebel negotiating cease-fire

The Karenni National Progressive Party and people from Kayah State have to
negotiate a cease-fire between karenni rebels and Burmese troops a Thai
border official said.
	Until now, fighting between Burmese troops and Karenni rebels has prompted
more than 20,000 people from Kayah state to seek refuge in Thailand.   

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