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NEWS- Myanmar, UN Discuss Drug Erad

NOTE: We MUST contact Pino Arlacchi of the UNDCP to tell/show him the
errors of his ways.  
1) If the people had a better plant other than poppies to make money
with so they can buy food, this would help lessen the problems.
2) Many groups make money to buy weapons to fight the SLORC/ SPDC.  If
the SLORC/ SPDC gives up and creates a peaceful country, then the money
from the drugs wouldn't be needed as it is now.

Myanmar, UN Discuss Drug Eradication


         YANGON (May 12) XINHUA - Visiting United Nations officials
         are exploring with Myanmar counterparts ways for
         eradication of narcotic drugs. 

         Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. and Executive
         Director of the UNDCP (United Nations Drug Control
         Program) Pino Arlacchi and his party are now on a visit to

         Pino and Major General Soe Win, secretary of the Myanmar
         Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control and Director
         General of the Police Force, held discussions on the matter
         Monday, official The New Light of Myanmar newspaper
         reported Tuesday. 

         The UNDCP plans to draft a 10-year project for the
         elimination of poppy cultivation and development of opium
         substitute undertakings in Myanmar, which was also
         discussed during the visit of another UNDCP mission, led by
         project planning senior consultant John Leake, in March,
         according to an earlier official report. 

         Myanmar has been cooperating with the UNDCP in drug
         elimination in four projects of integrated rural development in
         remote eastern Shan state's Mongyang and Tachilek and
         Southern Wa region's Wan Ho Tao since 1994. Three of the
         projects were completed in 1996 and 1997 and the
         remaining one is to be implemented this year. 

         The UNDCP has also been involved in some multilateral
         anti-drug cooperation projects between Myanmar and its
         neighboring countries.