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Babel seeks correspondents in Burma

Babel seeks correspondents in Burma

Babel, the multilingual, multicultural online journal of arts and ideas
(http://www.towerofbabel.com) is now seeking multilingual
correspondents in Burma to report on what's happening in that
part of
the planet for the international stringer "Our Man In Havana" section of

Babel (http://www.towerofbabel.com/sections/ourmaninhavana";

No matter where you are on the planet, no matter what you do, we want to

know what's going on around you. So far we have stringers in South
Korea, Tokyo, Louisiana, San Francisco, Oakland, Hawaii, Tacoma, prison
and church. Their content is all in English, except for one which has
been translated into German and Tagalog as well.

Preferential consideration for any content submitted in more than just
English. Pseudonyms are fine if you are in a delicate situation where
discretion is of the utmost importance. Professional writing experience
is not necessary, and since we can't pay you yet that should encourage
fresh new undiscovered voices. Our newest stringers include:

Our Woman In New York City - livia sian llewellyn
Our Man In Raleigh - Calvin Stacy Powers
Our Man In Ontario - Nicholas P. Snoek
Our Man In Guantanemo - Sonny Borja
Our Man In New York City - Moshe Silverstein
Our Man In London - Stephen Angell
Our Woman In Hong Kong - Lise Lingo
Our Man In New Delhi - Sundeep Dougal
Our Man In Goa - Frederick Noronha
Our Man In Bombay - Prem Panicker
Our Man In Geneva - Addison Holmes
Our Man In Sao Paulo - Bill Hinchberger
Our Man In Hartford - Arthur L. Fern
Our Woman In Portland - Susan Moore Denning
Our Woman In Singapore - Shelly Bryant
Our Man In Saint John - M.T. Smith
Our Man In Lafayette - Phil Ward
Our Man In Luxembourg - Reid

Our Man In Sao Paulo is a gentleman by the name of Bill Hinchberger who
writes feature stories for The Nation. I've explained that we can't pay
him yet but he's willing to offer things pro bono for a few months
before we can re-evaluate what our relationship is. Take a look at this
bio of his:

Veteran writer Bill Hinchberger lives in Brazil. He is a contributing
editor of Institutional Investor magazine and a regular contributor to
ARTnews, Variety, Global Tech Ventures, Advertising Age and Latin
American Trade & Environment. Some recent freelance assignments: a tale
of his travels on US Route 66 for an in-flight magazine; an analysis of
Brazil's pro-land reform activists, the most important social movement
in the Americas south of Chiapas, for a US political weekly; the story
of ex-soccer stars working with poor kids in Brazilian shantytowns, for
a new U.S. monthly; and a book chapter on the evolution of a distinct
musical style in Brazil's northeastern state of Bahia. He is a former
correspondent for The Financial Times and Business Week. Additional
credits include The Utne Reader, Miami Herald and the Columbia
Journalism Review. A long-standing member of Investigative Reporters &
Editors (IRE) and the Society of Environmental Journalists, he is
completing his third consecutive term as president of the correspondents

club in São Paulo.

Or here's a link to a recent feature story of his in The Nation:


Our Man In Bombay works for a site, http://www.rediff.com, which is a
hugely successful news and entertainment site out of India. Apparently
they're getting over a million hits a month.

Our Woman In Singapore said that she could get stuff to us in English
and Mandarin, and possibly Japanese and Malay. With three stringers in
India and content in Chinese and Japanese, that could really break us on

a global level. So far it looks like we'll have all the continents (and
one subcontinent) represented. Now all we need to do is find a stringer
in Africa and we'll have the scaffolding all set for the entire planet.

If you have a keen eye for observation, a love of life and education,
and a knack for having a deft turn of phrase, please send an email to

Malcolm Lawrence