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Bangkok Post (7/5/98): US 'monkey'


US 'monkey' lashed over Suu Kyi trip

Burma orders its soldiers out


<bold>US 'monkey' lashed over Suu Kyi trip


Burma's state-run press lashed out yesterday at a US congressman who met
opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, calling him "a monkey"

The barbs in an editorial were directed at California Republican Dana
Rohrbacher, whom the military government allowed to visit the country on
April 13.

Mr Rohrbacher spoke about the meeting with Nobel Peace Prize winer Suu
Kyi in an interview on April 26 on Voice of Amreica radio, which is heard
in Burma.

The editorial said Mr Rohrbacher slandered the government during the

" With goodwill, the government has allowed the US congressman to enter
Myanmar( Brama ) legally but he has exploited and abused the hospitality
of the government,: the editorial said.

" Insteed of meeting the ordinary people, he spent over three hours with
the 'democracy princess' and listened to her lecture," it said.

The author compared Mr Rohrbacher, who has frequently criticised the
military government, to "a barking hound let loose from its leash" and a 
"monkey who ate thr fruits from the farm and drove the farmer away".

Access to Mrs Suu Kyi is restricted by the government, although it has
allowed her to meet the foreign ministers of the Philippines and

<bold>Burma orders its solidiers out


Burma has ordered the withdrawal of troops from a border village in Mae
Hong Son province following top military-lever talks.

Army chief Gen Chettha Thanajaro yesterday said he had informed a top
Burmese military leader about the border intrusion and the latter
immediately order ordered his forces to withdraw.

Earlier, about 50 soldiers from Burma's 99th Battalion hunting Shan
rebels reportedly seized part of Ban Mai Kailuang in Pang Mapha district
and dug trenches and artillery positions there 

Sources said Gen Chettha telephoned Burmese military leader Lt. Gen Khin
Nyunt about the intrusion.