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India-PRC (r)

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<<  India-PRC
 Date:	98-05-07 19:05:53 EDT
 From:	RAMyint@xxxxxxx
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     "Tell the PRC guy to explain the occupation of Tibet"
 Since he used the term "peaceful coexistence" I thought my one liner was
 pretty appropriate. But I also saw the vehement remarks from
 "echelony@xxxxxxx" ,  I would like to know who echelony (baloney) is.
Dear activists,
       I see the both side....Both mean well....Let's keep on eying on the
cause...YOu guys are great.... I respect both side....Please keep on
contributing to the cause..
Appreciate your writing and ideas about the democracy....We can still work
togeather with our diversification.....For the cause guys....