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Rice situation in Burma

Rice situation in Burma
By (Hsaw Wah Deh) Human Rights-Trade Union Rights Section,
Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

May 2, 1998

The farmers from Irrawaddy started disputing with the SLORC for dry season
quota rice.  This year, dry season rice production will be definite low
because of damaged ditches by the flood in 1997.  Even the crop is low, the
authorities started demanding 20 baskets/acre and the offered buying rate
is 300 Kyats/acre. (In the market, one basket is 450 Kyats now)
Many farmers could not get their investment. (They lost)   
Some places around Mawlamyain Kyun, Irrawaddy division, have successful
fields but many places have bad production. 
Wah Khe Ma district has lost dry season rice and even farmers have to give
rainy season quota rice.  Authorities of Wah Khe Ma district threatening
farmers to compensate the rice quota and the farmers resists with the
SLORC's announcement of not to collect quota rice.

 In Kyaukkyi, Pegu division, dry season rice was grown only at the Light
Infantry Battalion No. 351, which has 400+ acres.  People from Aung Soe Moe
villagers who were relocated from the hill region had to contribute their
work for the LIB.351 without receiving nothing.  The local farmers around
Kyaukkyi could not grow rice in the hot season, because the small dam was
completely controlled by LIB. 351.
The junta created a new word for quota rice, " objective rice", and "good
will rice" by the end of 1997.