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Speak for Yourself,Thida Linn (r)

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 Right on. I read Thida Linn's article and was pretty dejected. The question
 my mind was, How can we have people like this ???!!! God, forgive them for
 they know not what they write.
 Richard Aung Myint
 Mountain View, CA
       I absolutely agree. It is a real sad case that what people would do to
save 10% tax to Burmese government. She try to avoid paying 10 % income tax by
selling her self to Washington base Myanmer military intelligent services.
      Miss Thida Linn, please grow up. Don't be their prostitude. I know you
are short, dark and ugly but please don't sell youself short. Your father Col.
Wei Linn will be real up set. Don't believe whatever they said. YOu are in the
free country. 
       Just show  them your middle finger and walk out of there before it's
too late.
One more thing, forget about the 10% income tax. They don't deserve your hard
earn money.