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Speak for Yourself,Thida Linn

Thidar Linn,

Speak for yourself !! 

Your sentiments certainly do not represent mine and many others like me 
who know how to see , think and  speak for our selves. 

You have truly spoken like all the other stooges of SLORC , and you 
certainly sound so pathetic. One  other reason, apart from using 
military brute force , that keeps SLORC/SPDC in power is having such 
ignoramous like you to help them do their dirty propaganda work. In 
fact, you are to be pitied for your shallow depth of mentality and 
worldly knowledge and the few crumbs that is thrown your way probably 
keeps you contented. 

True , Burma and her people suffered during the colonial and Japanese 
rule, but just ask anyone (who has a mind of his own ) and they will 
tell you our military dictators have come out tops in inflicting 
misery,pain and poverty on their own people.

Please try to get some real information on what is happening around the 
world today , instead of just mouthing words that have been rammed down 
your throat and into your little head. Unfortunately you may not have 
access to real a NEWSPAPER . All you have is your PROPAGANDA PAPER.  
Please realise the import and impact of an INTERNATIONAL outcry ! It is 
not just the ravings of a few "dissidents"

Above all, please don't demean the people of Burma by "representing" 
them with your thoughts. They can see and think for themselves . The 
only problem is they cannot speak for themselves , as long as military 
has the power to muzzle them.

Please - Speak for Yourself only.


>Date: 06 May 1998 03:15:41
>Reply-To: Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>From: brelief@xxxxxxx
>Subject: "We , Myanmar people ... all are always ready to crush the  
>To: Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Posted by Thida Linn <thida4thiri@xxxxxxxxx> to soc.culture.burma
>xenox and sons wrote:
>ken and visakha,
>Myanmar is our country residing about  50  Millions people very 
>since before  World War II to get Independence from colonialism and
>Japanese Fascists.  The history of Myanmar is still young to forget the
>colonialism  of Britain and Fascism of Japan. Nowadays the colonialism
>approach in the world is changing like overwhelming one nation by
>economy,  underminding the one nation's International Affairs with the
>headlines of critics over the present Government.  Those old same more
>versions of  approaches are outdated in Myanmar. We have much more
>experiences than Japanese People under the Fascist Japan before World
>War II.  We, the people of Myanmar had much more experiences than
>Japanese people under the colonial yoke of Britain.  Ken and visakha, 
>you think the people in Myanmar can only learn from you , what you 
>what you mastered.  You are very stupid enough if you under-estimated
>the people in Myanmar.  We , Myanmar people know the history, know the
>enemies and we all are always ready to crush the external and internal
>enemies who will abuse our rights of independence under the slavery ,
>undermind disintegration of our union,  destroying the economic life of
>our people.
>Myanmar is a country of free religion and most people paid attention to
>their religion with good moral, purity, sincerity, love and 
>But the people in Myanmar are not wrapping their hands , stand aside
>when we have to fight our National Enemies.=20
>You  all in Burma relief center including Ken and visakha, the 
>of our 50 millions people in Myanmar is our cause,  our economy life is
>our cause,  our political situation is only our internal affairs, not
>your cause! Not your cause! Not your cause!
>Do you have any reason to give pressure to the Companies invested in
>Myanmar ratherthan bluffing about Su Kyi and hand full of people exile
>in Japan and in USA were expressing their nonsense accusations while
>they are trying for the Stay Permit  in Japan and grants from Japanese
>Government, from NGO in Japan:  also while they are trying for the 
>Card  and regugee status in United States with fabricated stories in 
>jungle , Thai-Myanmar borders and grants from US Government and NGO in
>USA.  I don't want to mention the details to be slandered saying  about
>others by names or by events.  Most of the people in exile enjoying the
>benefits just only saying a word "our cause" and taking a picture of
>each and every single people participating in a demonstration to send
>out the photo to the Refugee International,  other NGOs saying he or 
>is actively participating in the "freedom of burma" just putting up
>requests  to US  and Japan  Ngos and Government.  What a shame ! 
>freedom of him or herself !    =20
>We people of Myanmar believe only the Myanmar people can safeguard our
>Country from neo-colonialism, influence of Super-powers, not by you
>people in Japan Burma relief center, not by the exile Myanmars in
>Japan,  not by exile Myanmars in USA, not by exile Myanmars in Canada,
>UK, Australia and whereever.
>If you know the strength of exiles who darely fight for the cause of
>Myanmar people in the past, at present and in the future! Please paste
>the numbers in the net for information or fabrication whatever.
> I strongly believe ken and visakha or Japanese people in Burma relief
>center have no experience under the colonialist or under the fascists. 
>But we, people in Myanmar have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>No one can reverse the history. The people in Myanmar hate the British
>Colonialists and Japanese Fascists. All the people in Myanmar are not 
>the  same blood of Su Kyi, marrying the British , once the British
>Colonialist undermind to assassinate her father Aung San.  And all the
>people in Myanmar are not as the same blood as "SEIN KYI " one name in
>the song during Fascist Japanese rule in Myanmar, SEIN KYI cunningly
>married the JAPAN MASTER and she got only  PREGNANT when Japanese 
>went back to TOKYO.   =20
>We have experiences! We all know our history!
>Ken and Visakha Kawasaki wrote:
>> Burmese Relief Center=97Japan
>> 266-27 Ozuku-cho, Kashihara-shi, Nara-ken 634, Japan
>> Tel: (0744) 22-8236 =97 Fax: (0744) 24-6254
>> e-mail:brelief@xxxxxxx
>> PRESS RELEASE           May 2, 1998
>> Japan Activists to Target Nippon Oil, JEXIM as Part of Action 
>> Oil Industry Support for Burmese Military Dictatorship
>> Los Angeles -  Democracy activists in 25 cities across the United 
>> and four countries around the world will begin a three-day fast on 
>> May 3, to protest investment in Burma by the Atlantic Richfield 
>> (ARCO), which provides crucial financial backing to the country's 
>> junta.
>> In addition to joining the ARCO action, fasters in Japan will target 
>> Oil and the Export-Import Bank of Japan in response to the oil 
>> April 28 announcement that it had received a loan from JEXIM to 
> an
>> offshore gas project in Burma.  Activists contend that the loan, 
>> at $61 million, will help prolong the Burmese military regime reign 
>> terror by providing it with badly needed hard currency.  The regime 
>> approximately half of the national budget on the armed forces, whose 
>> enemies are the Burmese civilian and ethnic minority populations.
>> The fast is the latest public protest against ARCO's investment  in 
>> and will center around a May 4 demonstration at the site of ARCO's 
>> shareholder meeting in Los Angeles.  Legendary Jazz Saxophonist Wayne
>> Shorter, who won a Grammy earlier this year for his composition "Aung 
>> Suu Kyi" has lent his support to the international ARCO Out of Burma 
- =
>> Day Fast and will attend Monday's Demonstration in Los Angeles to the 
>> Shareholder Meeting.
>> "Hundreds of people will be joining the fast and the demonstration in 
>> States," said Ken Kawasaki, one of the fasters from Burmese Relief 
>> Japan, a Nara-based NGO.  "By taking part, we here in Japan are 
> our
>> solidarity and we're also extending the campaign to the Japanese 
>> and to Nippon Oil.  Our message is very simple:  stop supporting this
>> murderous regime."
>> "Burma's democratically elected leadership has repeatedly called on
>> corporations like ARCO to withdraw from Burma immediately," said Khin 
>> Shwe, a Burmese exile living in Los Angeles, who will join the fast.  
>> continuing to invest in Burma, ARCO is only helping  to prop up a 
>> army junta which is terrorizing my country."
>> ARCO is today under increasing pressure to end its investment in 
>> The oil giant has been the target of dozens of demonstrations at its 
>> Angeles corporate headquarters as well as at ARCO gas stations.  In
>> addition, ARCO employees have filed a shareholder resolution which 
>> that the company investigate the connection between ARCO's investment 
>> money laundering from the drug trade.
>> Burma is also the world's single largest heroin producer.  In 1996, 
>> 60% of all heroin seized on the streets of U.S. cities originated in 
>>  The US State Department annual narcotics report issued in March 
>> that at minimum Burma's generals have done little to stop the drug  
>> and other analysts believe they profit enormously from the trade.
>> The United Nations and Amnesty International issued separate reports 
>> mid-April detailing an appalling array of continuing human rights 
>> including massacres, torture and rape by Burma's military junta.  
Some =
>> the worst atrocities have been committed in connection with oil 
>> projects.
>> ARCO is currently lobbying heavily against a proposed Free Burma  
>> with the Los Angeles City Council.  The proposed law, modeled after 
>> City's anti-apartheid law passed in the 1980's  would limit city 
>> for business partners of the Burmese military junta.  18 US Cities 
and =
>> State of Massachusetts already have passed such laws.   At a recent 
>> Angeles City Council committee hearing on the issue, George Ross, 
>> of Corporate External Affairs for ARCO attempted to defend his 
>> investment in Burma by arguing that, "You can only find oil and gas 
>> it is.  Unfortunately, a lot of the times these are countries with 
>> regimes that are politically repressive, that are undesirable, but 
oil =
>> where it is.  You have to figure out a way to do business with these 
>> and hope that  they change."
>> Aside from heroin, Burma's oil and gas reserves provide one of the 
>> sources of foreign investment, helping the junta to maintain  power.  
>> has given the junta at least $11 million dollars, $6 million of which 
>> in the form of a no-questions-asked "contract bonus."  ARCO's 
contract =
>> SLORC includes a "gag rule" barring the company from even meeting 
>> democracy leaders.
>> The Free Burma Coalition, a network of 100 college and high school 
>> groups and 40 independent organizations from 15 countries including 
>> Burmese Relief Center=96Japan, is organizing a boycott of ARCO, 
>> that the company withdraw all  investment from Burma.  Linked to the 
>C by
>> the Internet, activists in Japan expect increased international 
>> and criticism of Japanese support for the junta.
>> For further information, please contact Burmese Relief 
Center=96Japan, =
>> Kawasaki, Director.
>>  - - - - - - - - -
>> Dear Mr. __________
>> I am writing to inform you I will be fasting from May 3 to May 5 to 
>> Nippon Oil's offshore gas project in Burma, which supports that 
>> brutal military regime.  My action is part of a worldwide fast 
>ng a
>> similar investment by the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO).  The
>> democratically elected leadership of Burma has repeatedly called on
>> corporations like ARCO and Nippon Oil to withdraw from Burma, yet 
> now
>> you have chosen to defy the will of the vast majority of Burma's 
>>  By continuing to invest in Burma, Nippon Oil is only helping to prop 
>p a
>> military regime that terrorizes its own people, especially those 
> in
>> the path of the oil pipeline.  Please, use your power to help the 
>e of
>> Burma instead of hurting them as you do now.
>> Sincerely,
>> Our recipients:
>> Mr. Hidejiro Ohsawa
>> President
>> Nippon Oil
>> 1-3-12, Nishi-Shinbashi
>> Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
>> Japan
>> Tel:  (03) 3502-1135
>> Fax:  (03) 3502-9352
>> Mr. Hiroshi Yasuda
>> Governor
>> Export-Import Bank of Japan
>> 1-4-1 Otemachi
>> Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
>> Japan
>> Tel:  (03) 3287-9101
>> Fax:  (03) 3287-9539
>> --
>> http://www2.gol.com/users/brelief/Index.htm

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