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`No electronic survey base in Myanm (r)

In a message dated 98-05-06 02:55:03 EDT, RAMyint@xxxxxxx writes:

> Tell this PRC guy to explain the forced occupation of Tibet.

Is the "Free Burma" going to give the Shans, Karans, Mon, etc.....
when the "democracy" is being restored ?
Aung San was no more than an opportunist trying to kiss the Japanese ass when
the British was losing the War. Then he turned around and looked for the
budd when the Japanese was losing the War. 
It should not be surprising there are plenty of opportunists like "Win Naing"
in the
so called " Freedom Fighters" circle.
Hiding behind the cloak of " democracy" "Buddhism" doesn't conceal one's true
identity forever!!
I challenge anyone to find a sizable nation on earth that has not forcefully
over or occupied a land that belong to some other races.
U.S., Russia, India, China, U.K. Indonesia, etc.,you name it.
Now the Burman can not find any capable person of their " own kind " to get
rid of the military idiots who can't even shoot their targets straight so they
start barking at other people in the hope of getting some sympathies.
Remeber barking .... don't bite !!!