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`No electronic survey base in Myanm

Fernandes `sabotaging' Sino-Indian ties: Beijing 
`No electronic survey base in Myanmar' 

BEIJING: China on Tuesday expressed ``utmost regret and resentment'' 
over the statement by defence minister George Fernandes that Beijing 
posed a major military threat to India and accused him of ``seriously 
sabotaging'' the atmosphere for improving bilateral ties between the two 
giant Asian neighbours. 

``The remark by Indian defence minister George Fernandes has seriously 
sabotaged the friendly atmosphere for improving bilateral relations 
between China and India,'' Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhu 
Bangzao told newspersons here at a regular ministry briefing. 

Terming the statement by Mr Fernandes on Sunday that China is India's 
biggest potential threat than Pakistan as ``absolutely ridiculous and 
unworthy of refutation,'' Mr Zhu said the Chinese government has taken 
note of the recent statements by Mr Fernandes with ``utmost regret and 

He dismissed Mr Fernandes' statement that China has built a 
sophisticated electronic surveillance base in Myanmar's Coco islands and 
installed missiles in Tibet targeting India as ``absolutely fictitious 
and entirely baseless. It has no basis in facts and it is groundless.''

``China does not pose any threat to neighbouring countries,'' Mr Zhu 
said, adding ``his accusation concerning China's relations with relevant 
countries is utterly fictitious and has no basis in facts.''

He said, ``The principled position of the Chinese government is open and 
above board and is well- known to all.'' 

China has always worked to develop friendly relations and cooperation 
with neighbouring countries, including Pakistan and India, on the basis 
of the five principles of peaceful co-existence, the spokesman 

May 6, 1998. The Times of India

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