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indo burma border news

India emerging as major transit zone of narco 
NEW DELHI MAY 3 (PTI): Strategically situated between
two major routes of illegal drug trafficking-Golden 
Triangle and Golden Crescent- India has become a major 
transit zone of narcotics transportation to other
countries in recent years, a high ranking police 
official said. 
India has become a leading transit point of drug 
trafficking to USA and European Countries through
Golden Triangle (covering Burma, Thailand and Laos)
routes supplanting the earlier path when drugs were 
first smuggled to Hong Kong and Marseilles and 
from there it used to be sent to US and other 
European nations Deputy Inspector General of Police
(DIG) Nagendra N Sharma told PTI here.
Sharma was has prepared a paper elaborating the 
spread of trade of this deadly product in the sub 
continent said, the recent smuggling trend shows 
that drugs are brought to important cities likes 
Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and Chennai through air 
routes and to major parts of India through sea routes. 
Detailing on the clandestine operation, he said it 
is reported that when ships reach near ports, packets 
of narcotics are thrown into sea and picked up by 
small fishing boats.
This news is expressed in The Manipur Newspaper today 
and contributed by News and Information Unit of