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FEER: 980507: Velvet Glove by Berti

RE: Velvet Glove by Bertil Lintner

Indeed, it will help us immensely. We should try to study how both of 
them behave( i.e friends and enemies in power withinn the SPDC/SLORC 
structure ) and what drives them. 

To make it brief and short to the point, here goes. It is the "fear" 
drives them how they behave and what they do today. Even within the 
SPDC/SLORC structure ,as in any society, there are always this "the good 
and the evil" parts. One can understand why the ordinary citizen of 
Burma are in constant fear after the massacre in 1988. But, one would 
fail to comprehend if one says that the "good" soldiers are subjected to 
fear. But, it's true. They are fearful of the watchful eyes of the MIs 
and the power of the sole ruler,Ne Win and the existing members of his 
inner circle. 

Brave men,women,the young and even the monks stood up against the 
tyrants on 8.8.88. Even at the height of the 1988 crisis in Burma, the 
majority of the armed forces chose to become the silent partner of the 
dreadful indiscrimate killings of the unarmed school children, monks and 
the ordinary citizen. The only noteable show of support to the popular 
demand of democracy came only at the general election held in May 1990. 
That's the level of fear that they were subjected to. They were not 
prepared to stand between the people and the bully, then.

The present situations still show that this kind of anonymous support 
from the armed forces is not good enough to bring about a genuine 

So,I have this message to say. The sooner the "good" part of the armed 
forces realised that it is time they overcome the fear they once had, 
the better will be all for the whole country. Stop another massacre from 
happening. It's your duty to stand on the side of the people. There is 
no need of a self-destruct armed forces. You will be blended with the 
people as one. People's choice can't be wrong. Have faith in the people. 
Think of the future of the country. Above all, be brave.

Minn Kyaw Minn

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>Thanks Bertil, for a very thoughtful article. I believe we need to know 
>about our friends and enemies in power within the SLORC/SPDC structure. 
>more we know about them and what drives them, will help us formulate 
>strategies to fight them. The only real hope we have, is for the SPDC 
to self
>destruct (the bad elements within it) and for the the good people (and 
we know
>we have many of them) to be prepared and to have the courage to take 
over when
>the time comes. We expats also have to be ready.
>Richard A. Myint
>Mountain View, CA 

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