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Dear Okkar

I wander your government project for National Race Village Project is just
preparing for tourist attracts. I wouldn't be supprised for the progress
this project. If military regime really wants to promote the culture and
traddition of National races, they shold do the following programs:

1) Open school to learn their ethnic languages
2) Assist them aids to promote their culture such as ethnic tradditional
dances tranning program.
3) Stop burning ethnic villages and stop raping ethnic women.



On 3 May 1998 OKKAR66127@xxxxxxx wrote:

>                                    INFORMATION AHEET
>                         No. A. 0411(I)                  2nd May 1998
> (1) National Races Village Project
> National Races Village Project near Thanlyin Bridge is in progress with the
> plan to open Myanma traditional handicraft exhibitions, keep traditional
> utensils of national races after building the national races village, make
> pleasant and beautiful the bank of Bago River east of the national races
> village and matters related to recreation of tourists and the people.
> (2) Archery Team Wins Two Gold, Two Silver in Bangkok International
> Invitational TournamentThe Myanmar archery team which won two gold and two
> silver in the International Invitational Archery Tournament held in Bangkok.
> **************