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New products from India

Dear friends

The followings are products of India-base pro-democracy groups. Some works
received fund, but some did not. The subjects are for promoting democracy.
The audience is meant for inside people. But if you think beneficial for
you and the movement, order the selected copies by writing to the
producing organizations through this address. Just postal fee will be

1. Pann Zagar magazine (every two months) in Burmese published by magazine
2. Thoughts of Gandhi (English) produced by CNAB
3. Thoughts of Gandhi (Burmese) produced by CNAB
4. Audiocassettes on political drama produced by Chindwin DVB studio 
5. Audiocassettes of Letters from Burma (1996) read by Ma Sanda and
produced by NLD/LA (Western region) x 7 cassettes
6. Audiocassettes of Letters from Burma (1997) read and produced by
NLD/LA-Youth (Western region) x 3 cassettes
7. From Dictatorship to Democracy (Gene Sharp) in Burmese 
8. Water Festival songs and chant (1997; 1998) audiocassette produced by
9. "Yamuna Diary" (Monthly issue on activities in India) in Burmese
published by Information department of NLD/LA (Western region)
10. Booklets on Independence and Union Days printed by CCN
11. New Century songs produced by CCN
12. Audiocassette on "Ko Thein Pe and Ma Aye May" produced by CCN
13. Video footage on "Activities on Western border" produced by CNAB

Burma Info (CCN)

CNAB stands for Committee for Non-violent Action in Burma
CCN stands for Communication Center, New Delhi
Pann Zagar committee is comprised of literary activists.