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news in the Indian paper (r)

Suu Kyi's Party Celebrates Its 1990 Election Victory
The Asian Age
28 May 1998
Rangoon, May 27: Burma's Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday
saluted the ruling military's courage for allowing celebrations for the
8th anniversary of her party's overturned 1990 election victory to go
Amid tight security and an added deployment of riot police, more than 400
Opposition members, including 40 National League for Democracy MPs and a
host of diplomats, gathered for the ceremony at her residence. 
In a speech to the crowd, the NLD party leader praise the junta for
allowing the event to take place, despite earlier warnings not to hold it.
"The very fact that this anniversary gathering has come about is not only
a victory for the NLD, but also for the military authorities," Ms Suu Kyi
said. "I salute their courage." "This is an example of what can be
accomplished when both sides seek accommodation through amicable
discussion and coordination," she said before re-issuing a call for
political dialogue with the junta. In this way, not only minor problems,
but even those major ones facing the nation can be successfully solved,"
she said, also calling for the military to honor the result of the 1990
elections. If you truly have the interest of the nation at heart, you need
to speedily implement the results of the 1990 general elections," the
Nobel peace laureate said, adding the first step would be to convene a
Burma's Opposition, under the banner of the NLD, won a landslide victory
in polls held on May 27, 1990, but the junta refused to recognize the
result forcing many to flee the country or face imprisonment. An NLD
spokesman told the gathering that some 400 NLD members had been detained
outside capital Rangoon before the event. (AFP)
Burma Info (CCN)
New Delhi.