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How to listen Radio Free Burma (r)

First Burmese Language Internet Radio in the World

Dear Friends,

 The way to listen Radio free Burma.
1.	Create the  new  folder in your  hard disk. Please  name that "Down load file".
2.	Go to "http://www.fast.net.au/rfb";
3.	Look for free Real Audio 5.0 icon and  double click that icon. It will  go to this -
" http://www.real.com";
4.	Either you buy the software or just down load for free of charge. 
5. The real audio file  into  your  hard disk "Down load file" and  save it.
6.	After saving, go back to  "Down load file" folder and double click on Real Audio  file icon and  it will  set up.
7.	Now you can listen to Radio Free Burma.

Thank you very much for  your support. 
If you want to install Burmese font, same thing you can do as above.
If you have any difficulty , please contact rfb@xxxxxxxxxxx

Radio Free Burma