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Statement (r)

The Statement of Democratic Forces of Burma regarding recent unjust arrest
and imprisonment on opposition by military junta of Burma 
The present ruling military junta of Burma frequently promises and
announces 18 September  1988 to till now that they have granted to set up
multiparty Democracy system in Burma. Last weekend of January 1988,while
Mr. Alvaro de soto, the special of United Nation visited Burma, the
military rulers repeated their promise as before.
In April 1988,the military Junta so called State Peace and Development
Council (SPDC) arrested the  pro-democracy activists and dissidents
unjustly and awarded severe punishment. Six dissidents including four
members of All Burma Students' Democratic Front (ABSDF) were given capital
punishment with 14 years brutal imprisonment while other 33 were sentenced
seven to fourteen years long term imprisonment. Most of them are members
of ABSDF and  National League for Democracy .The reason for the crime was
their fabricated accusation for an attempt to kill the upper echelon
Military leaders and to explode the Asean's embassies in Rangoon.
So also Daw San San an MP of Seitkan township constituency in Rangoon
division, a senior member of NLD party was sentenced
25 years long term imprisonment during April this year for opposing SPDC.
We, the Democratic Forces of Burma strongly condemn such fabricated
accusations conducted by the military intelligence service and lawlessness
of Military tribunes in Burma, We believe that such manner are inhuman
insults over democracy and human rights in Burma and proclamation of SPDC
to establish Democracy in Burma is in a nude.
We want to let the SPDC know that if these activities were aimed to
intimidate people to shy away from Democratic movement, it would be of no
use and that people are committed to lay down their lives until our
We urge the SPDC to comply with our following demands if SPDC really
desire to fulfil Democracy, Peace and Development in Burma.
(1) To abolish death penalty and long term imprisonment made during April
1998 immediately and urgently.
(2) To release all political prisoners unconditionally and promptly.
(3)    To start political dialogue between military junta and oppositions
as early as possible.
Democratic Forces of Burma
Indo-Burma Border
Date: May2, 1998.