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???"To fight the Burmese junta, opp

To fight the Burmese junta, oppose economic sanctions against Burma.

Posted to soc.culture.burma by:   anset <anset@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

Indiscriminate economic sanctions against Burma are doing nothing in
harming the Burmese junta and in pushing the country towards democracy.

Economic sanctions are just keeping the country poor, perpetrating the
rule of the military, making it impossible to stop the drug trade.

Economic sanctions are just killing the Burmese economy and making
everybody poorer. The only hope for democracy in Burma is a mass
rebellion by the population. Starving people to not rebel, contrary to
popular belief. The people rebelling in 1988 were students, not starving
peasants. In a dying economy there will be no more students, and nobody
will be able to rebel.

Authoritative regimes tend to fall when the economic development become
too advanced and cannot any more cope with the economic and cultural
constrains that a dictatorship inevitably causes. A good way to
anticipate the junta's departure is to help Burma's economy develop, not
to kill it.

Restricted economic sanctions against certain particular businesses
ruled by the army may be helpful, but indiscriminate sanctions against
the country, prohibitions to companies from investing in Burma,
sanctions against the companies already present in the country, will
probably only make the period of dictatorship longer.

Authoritative Burmese fighters for democracy oppose economic sanctions
against Burma. Ba Ma Thaenegi recently wrote an article on the Far
Eastern Economic Review calling for no economic sanctions against Burma.