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measurement conversions (r)

Hi burma,
As Hlatt pointed out, the Burmese unit of 'pyi' is one of the common 
units for volume measurement traditionally. In Burma this convenient unit 
is used for measuring agricultural products especially small seeds such 
as paddy, rice, wheat, pea, etc. It can be converted to the weight such 
as kilogram or pound if the density of the commodity is known. 
Assuming inner volume of a regular condensed milk can is 320 ml, the 
equivalent volume is estimated as follows:
                       1 pyi = 2560 ml or cc, 
                or     1 pyi = 0.676 gallon

The whole Burmese volume unit table is:

2 lamyu   =  1 lamyit
2 lamyit  =  1 lame
2 lame    =  1 sale
2 sale    =  1 khwett
2 khwett  =  1 pyi
4 pyi     =  1 seit
2 seit    =  1 khwe
2 khwe    =  1 den

I hope this help.

Kyaw Tint

>I would like to know the  conversion rate for the measurment unit of 
>     Burmese pyi to kilogram.  If you have the exact conversion, and (if 
>     possible) can supply a source, I would appreciate the information 
>     greatly.  Please email me directly at burma@xxxxxxxxxxx
>     Thank you.