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SLORC's Moral dilemma

I am writing a paper for an anthropology degree, and am looking for
information/examples of how the SLORC (or SPDC as they now are) exploit
and manipulate religion (Buddhism) and traditional cultural values to
legitimise and justify their policies.

How important is the support of the sanga? 
How important is it that they appear to be acting in a morally just manner
(if such a concept is possible!)?  
Has there been a decline in the people's faith in religion as
a result of government control of the sanga?
How do the gov. justify their actions (eg. "voluntary labour") by
appealing to cultural/religious values?

If anybody has any information or views on these matters, I would be most
grateful and fascinated to hear them.

Best wishes

Lucy Robb
University of Durham, UK.