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Boycott of gas pipeline firms urged

(Please note that we all should convince all people from the world to
boycott the products of UNOCAL and TOTAL too.  The power of the people
will stop those companies stop their blood staining works -  regardless
of human rights abuses -  in Burma and in other countries.)

January 1, 1998
Bangkok Post
Boycott of gas pipeline firms urged
PTT, Unocal and Total are targeted

An academic and conservationists from the North have urged Thais to
boycott products sold by the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, the US oil
giant Unocal and France's Total to protest against the Yadana gas
pipeline project.

Chiang Mai University lecturer Nithi Iewsriwong and non-government
organisations (NGOs) in the North yesterday issued a statement calling on
the people to stop using all PTT, Unocal and Total products and services
to pressure the three oil firms to disclose information about
environmental and economic impact from the Yadana pipeline.

To deliver gas from the Yadana field of Burma to Thailand, a 260-km
pipeline is being laid through Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi provinces. The
project will affect both local people and the country's economy, read a
statement released by them.

"We need to analyse information to find out if the project is appropriate
and worth the expense amid the prevailing economic slump and while
Thailand can still buy natural gas from Indonesia and Malaysia," Mr Nithi

Meanwhile, a representative said some 45 NGOs in the North were against
the gas pipeline. The source also accused the PTT of hiring a group of
people with the intention to harm the protesting villagers. 

"The PTT's investment with the Burmese government in the project means
that the PTT supports a government which has killed so many people
including pro-democracy minority groups. The investment in the project is
worth more than US$1.2 billion and it would allows the junta (in Burma)
to buy weapons to kill more people," a source said.

"We do not protest against the government but we urge all the Thai people
not to join activities supported by Total, Unocal and the PTT, not to buy
products and services offered by the three firms, or accept financial
support from them directly or indirectly," the source added.